Lethal Rhythms Mixing Samples

DJ Joel Rabe

Atlanta Professional Mix DJ Joel Rabe of Lethal Rhythms

You can listen to any of the mixes below by clicking on the Play Button.  Ask us how you can get YOUR party recorded live and download your own tribute mix after the party!! You can also download mixes that feature Download Links below!  Enjoy! 

FEATURED MIX.Lethal Rhythms Mandarin Cocktails Mix  (Download Link Here)

FEATURED MIX.Official DJ Joel Rabe MegaCrunk MixTape Session Vol 1 2013 Atlanta DJ Mix  (Download Link Here)

FEATURED MIX.Lethal Rhythms Ashley and Ryan’s Piedmont Estate Live Tribute Mix  (Download Link Here)

FEATURED MIX.Joel’s Live WorkOut Dance Mix 2013 Atlanta DJ Mix   (Download Link Here)

FEATURED MIX.Lethal Rhythms Motown Hip Hop Medley Mix

2. Lethal Rhythms Live Wedding Mix August 2012 (Testimonial Intro)
3. Lethal Rhythms Live CLub Mix July 2012 (Testimonial Intro)
4. Lethal Rhythms Motown Hip Hop Medley Mix
5. International DJ Joel Rabe – Classic Old School Remix
6. International DJ Joel Rabe – ArmadaFM Mixshow
7. International DJ Joel Rabe – House DanceMix on Armada FM
8. International DJ Joel Rabe – Live at Sanctuary-Dominican Republic
9. International DJ Joel Rabe – Microsoft Germany Business MGX 2012
10. Bachlorette Mix-Jenny Rabdeux – Official Mixtape Session
11. June Week 4. Wedding Mix Sample – Younger Demo Mix

For a complete listing of Joel’s Live Mixes please visit our official SoundCloud Page! Enjoy!

Bio  As a professional DJ Joel vowed to begin a team of non-cheesy Atlanta wedding DJ’s and MC’s. This concept brought him to perform for groups in cities all over the United States and has travelled internationally, including Kauai, Hawaii and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  Joel has the most up-to-date technology available for each of his shows and is always looking for the latest cutting edge abilities including recording his audio mixes live, creating wireless sound setups and providing video footage of events that are posted for his clients to view.  (See Joel’s Full DJ Bio)


DJ Fernando Silva

Atlanta Wedding DJ Fernando Silva of Lethal Rhythms

1. DJ Fernando Spring Mix
2. Coming Soon!


DJ Fernando has been in the Music Entertainment Business since 1995. With over 15 years of experience, his knowledge of music and his love for entertaining people has played an integral part in his ability to interact and entertain crowds of all ages. Fernando has the unique ability to read any audience and keep them dancing with many types of music. Additionally, Fernando’s Mixmaster capabilities will create an enthusiastic, high-energy environment at every event creating unforgettable memories.

Fernando is always open to the needs of each client and pays particular attention to their needs.  (See Fernando’s Full DJ Bio)


DJ Binnie Davis

Atlanta Wedding DJ Binnie Davis of Lethal Rhythms

1. DJ Binnie Workout Mix Spring 2014

With more than 14 years of professional experience, Atlanta DJ Binnie Davis combines his mixing skills with state-of-the-art sound and lighting equipment to create a musical atmosphere that is like no other. Using today’s best technology Binnie can bring nightlife of fun to your event. Serato DJ/Scratch Live and digital music programming allows Binnie an extensive library of music from the 50’s all the way to today’s hits and gives him the ability to mix anything for any request. Specializing in Weddings, Bar/Bat mitzvahs, Sweet 16s, company events, and other parties, Binnie can style anything for any occasion!


DJ Kyle MacDonald

Atlanta Wedding DJ Kyle MacDonald of Lethal Rhythms

FEATURED MIX.Kyle Mack’s Summer Fancy 2014 Top 40 Mix 

2. Kyle Mack’s Spring 2014 Top 40 Mix.mp3

2. Kyle Mack’s Deep End House Mix

2. Kyle Mack’s Deep House Mix

3. Kyle Mack’s Top40 Throwback Mix

4. Kyle Mack’s Lethal ArmadaFM Mix

5. Kyle Mack’s Lethal ArmadaFM Mix2

6. Kyle Mack’s Lethal ArmadaFM Mix3


Kyle MacDonald’s musical background began at an early age when he played multiple instruments that grew his passion to entertain others.  Kyle’s interest in DJing came from his drive to inform others on the different types of music there was to offer.  He has been DJing for a couple of years, but has grown his reputation in the Atlanta area by spinning at numerous Atlanta nightlife venues.

Kyle joined the Lethal Rhythms’ team because he wanted to be a part of one of the top Atlanta DJ’s companies.  The knowledge of music he will bring to the table combined with learning from some of the top DJs in the area, Kyle will rock the dance-floor all night!


DJ Chris Watson

Atlanta Wedding DJ Chris Watson of Lethal Rhythms

1. Coming Soon!


Chris was a musician for years in the Atlanta area. A few years back he was playing a lot of acoustic shows with a friend of his who happened to be a DJ. He thought that with his musical knowledge and comfort level performing in front of a crowd that he would be perfect as a DJ. After his friend brought it up to him a few times, Chris decided to give it a try. He was hooked from the beginning! Of course he loves playing great music and keeping the dance floor packed but what he really enjoyed is building a relationship with the bride and groom. Discussing the music and formalities and designing the entire evening to make sure it is perfect for the client and their guests.

He performs 20+ wedding receptions each year and is always looking forward to the next one and playing an important role in one of the biggest days of his client’s lives.  (See Chris’s Full DJ Bio)


DJ Robb “EarDr” Batts

1. Robb’s 2014 Top 40 MixUp

2. Robb’s 2014 Spring Dance Mix

3. Robb’s Classic & Dance Mix

4. Robb’s Disco Meltdown Mix


Robb Batts is an MC/DJ hailing from Trenton NJ and has been making people move and groove for the last 10 years.  Robb specializes in weddings, private parties and corporate events.  Spinning music for clients such as CVS, Jezebel Magazine & Mercedes Benz, Robb continues to impress.  Robb was originally hired by Lethal Rhythms to perform for our “Holiday Lights” themed event, at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens with clients ages ranging from 21 to 5o.  He excelled at mixing the various genres and keeping everyone entertained.  When you want a professional mix DJ and not just a human iPod, Robb (aka “The Ear Dr.”) is the perfect prescription for your party!


DJ Evan Malloy

Atlanta Wedding DJ Evan Malloy of Lethal Rhythms

1. DJ Evan Malloy’s Wedding Promo Mix

2. DJ Evan Malloy’s W Hotel House Mix


On any given night of the week, you can find Evan spinning (usually as Funk Manchu) at many of Atlanta’s top lounges and nightclubs, from Establishment Buckhead to The W Hotels to Opera. His extensive knowledge of music from all styles, decades, and genres provide the foundation for a diverse, fun and unforgettable musical experience. Evan will take you back, revive forgotten favorites, and seamlessly blend the classics with today’s hit music in a way that will keep the dance floor moving all night long. No cheese here; just high-energy, sophisticated fun!




DJ Michael Boyle

Atlanta Wedding DJ Michael Boyle of Lethal Rhythms

1. Mike B Mix (Short)
2. Mike B Mix
3. Coming Soon!


Michael Boyle started out DJing because when he attended events he felt he could a better job then the DJs he saw in action. He began researching quality entertainment equipment and picked up a new hobby. Michael was discovered by a sorority and landed his first gig at a formal at Mercer University. With hard work and dedication, he rapidly advanced to becoming the preferred DJ for Mercer University and various clubs in Macon area.

Soon after Michael was introduced to Lethal Rhythms Entertainment via a wedding planner. He decided to join the team because of their quality of service and entertainment.

As a dedicated DJ for Lethal Rhythms, Michael has performed at many weddings, mitzvahs, and corporate events. He was recently chosen as the lead DJ Entertainment for “Cocktails in the Garden”, a public event held every thursday for The Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Michael posses a great ability with reading the crowd and adapting to their style:  a perfect fit for the Lethal Rhythms philosophy!


DJ Troy Rushing

Atlanta Wedding DJ Troy Rushing of Lethal Rhythms

1. Troy Rushing Pop/Dance Mix
2. Coming Soon!

Troy’s passion for music began at a young age. His first introduction to music was the purchase of a KISS album at age 7. His musical exploration led him to bands such as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and The Beatles. The sounds Troy heard on these classic records led him to learn music and in particular playing guitar.

At age 12, Troy’s musical taste started to expand further into Hip-Hop, New wave, and other bands such as U2. Growing up in New York City, he was exposed to a wide variety of music including some of the old-school hip-hop artists such as Boogie Down Productions and KRS-One.

Troy has continued to further his musical knowledge for over 30 years and is well versed in many different kinds of music. He is a professional musician and DJ/MC and has performed on many stages throughout the southeast.


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